Hi, I'm Meredith Miller!

I'm a holistic coach, author and speaker. My mission is bridging the gap between trauma and purpose.

I'm trained in many holistic healing and coaching modalities. I continually invest in my professional development through courses, seminars, coaching and other trainings. I also commit to my personal evolution through my inner practice on a daily, ongoing basis.

I had a difficult childhood. I was born into a family system where the legacy of abuse was passed down generation after generation. Following that life path would've been easy, and I stayed in the victimhood far too long.

But eventually I made a different choice. I chose to end the legacy of abuse and dedicate myself to deep inner healing and transformational work.

I'm a generational curse breaker and legacy transformer. I've been on a path of spiritual awakening and personal evolution for 20+ years after a severe illness and Near Death Experience. My life was a series of existential crises. Along the way, I began to realize that my trauma was my immersion training for my purpose. I'm continually transforming my personal and ancestral history into holistic resilience. I feel most alive when I help others transmute their past into gold.

My clients are people who work in fields such as: coaching, therapy, psychiatry, medicine, nursing, astrophysics, transportation, consulting, real estate, finance, engineering, sales, agriculture, education, administration, programming, music, art, yoga, dance, meditation, breathwork, massage, and other holistic healing modalities. Some are stay at home parents, and some are retired yet now discovering a new level of life purpose.

my mission

bridging the gap between trauma & purpose

I'm passionate about helping people liberate themselves and evolve so they can live as free, empowered, responsible, awakened, purposeful and actualized human beings who contribute to the liberation and evolution of others, in their own unique ways.

The Evolution of Inner Integration

In the early 2000s, I started with hands-on holistic healing modalities.

In 2012, I shifted to online holistic coaching.

In 2016, my focus shifted into the microniche of narcissistic abuse recovery in interpersonal relationships and the family. My bilingual YouTube channel reached over 400K subscribers around the world and has over 38M views. My self-guided framework of books, courses and other content for self-healing after narcissistic abuse is available here.

Since 2020, I chose to start stepping away from social media and the platforms where I had built my business. I began speaking publicly about the same patterns of abuse on the macro level in society. I named this phenomenon the Psychoneurospiritual State of Captivity. You can find some of my interviews, presentations and essays here.

Nowadays my focus has shifted from personal development to personal evolution.

I created the Inner Child Integration holistic process to help people integrate soul fragments that were exiled during childhood traumas. This high-intermediate level work is for people who want to create greater empowerment and a deeper sense of inner peace. It's for individuals who are ready to overcome the burdens of childhood trauma in order to restore a new sense of wholeness to their soul.

I created Alchemy Awakening, a private 1:1 advanced level coaching program, and Legacy Repurposing, an advanced level group coaching program, to help people to transmute the past into gold and transform wounds into a legacy of light, so they can actualize another level of their Divine purpose and make a positive impact on others.

These advanced coaching programs are designed to help people bring about a transmutation of their individual and ancestral history into greater holistic resilience, facilitating a fundamental transformation of self.

This holistic work is designed for people who are fully committed and invested in transforming their personal and ancestral traumas into opportunities for regeneration, unlocking their Divine purpose and nurturing their soul's evolution so they can make a difference in the world around them.

"Everything you experience in your life is leading you to actualize your Divine purpose."

My Perspective: The Post-2020 Era

We are in the middle of a historic, evolutionary process in humanity and on Planet Earth at this time.

Due to the disruptions in normality, many more people have been awakening during the recent years. The macro dynamics of awakening and evolution are quite similar to the micro level. Encounters and entanglements with the dark forces serve a higher purpose and carry a learning far more nuanced than simply a battle between good vs. evil.

It's a calling back to true self, Divine purpose and the Creator of All That Is.

More people are starting to feel their soul calling for deeper meaning and greater purpose. Some will choose not to answer the calling. The easy button is holding on to the old identity, narratives and programs, and continuing to struggle in a state of learned helplessness, spiritual bankruptcy, apathy, stagnation, and repetition loops of self-sabotage. The crises will continue to escalate until the existential pressure pierces the denial, existentially shattering a person's reality, and motivating change. A similar phenomenon happens in society.

That is the moment of confrontation with the disruptive truth and an opening to new awareness.

From that point of awakening, it's about action. It's a choice to face and resolve this inner conflict, and not everyone will consent to awakening or evolving in this lifetime. That's why it's important not to force or convince people. We can speak the truth like a beacon of light, then trust that those who are ready to hear the message will find it like water in the desert.

I believe the ongoing personal and global existentially-shattering experiences are a transformational calling to those who are here to envision and build a new world, shining a light and leading the way for humanity.

The wounds contain the seeds of new purpose—individually and collectively.

I'm aware of what’s happening multidimensionally in the world. I see how the cosmic energetic shifts relate to the macro events in society as well as those at the micro level in individuals, relationships and families. I've been speaking about these topics publicly since 2020.

Now—several years into the escalating global crises—most people are still ignoring the massive elephant in the room.

I have the awareness to name it and the courage to speak the truth. That means I can hold the space in full authenticity where you can talk about your existential concerns as they emerge, and be met with existential empathy, which is key for post-traumatic growth.

This puts me in a very small percentage of coaches (or therapists) who are aware AND willing and able to talk about the uncomfortable reality, then addressing however it may be affecting you personally in your unique transformational and evolutionary process.

The individual cannot be fully met and understood without understanding and addressing their environment.

If you want to step into your true self and Divine purpose, you’ll need to be able to address the whole context of your life, without feeling like you have to compartmentalize yourself, hide or dim your reality because your practitioner can’t go there with you, remain present and attuned with you, or hold the space for that level of truth.

If you want to explore the deepest layers of your inner truth and expand into your Divine purpose, you'll need courageous and integrous practitioners who walk the path, do the inner work, and lead by example.

In 2020 when I heard the calling loud and clear, I started clarifying what really matters to me, re-directing my vision and actualizing a new level of my purpose. Since then, I've taken 20+ trainings, courses and seminars on trauma healing and relational dynamics so I could uplevel my own inner healing and evolution as well as the contribution I make to others during these wild, transformational times that we are navigating together on Planet Earth.

Since then, my focus has shifted from narcissistic abuse recovery to more advanced transformational and purpose work, yet my mission remains the same: bridging the gap between trauma and purpose. My spiritual practice has also deepened in the recent years, gutting my life of what was not aligned with my Divine purpose, expanding my personal evolution and connecting me more deeply with God.

The offerings of Inner Integration are evolving with me, and so are my clients.

"Your trauma is your immersion training for your purpose."


ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Certification (Sky A'Hearn) — 2024

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Certification (Sky A'Hearn) — 2024

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Certification (Jill Basye-Featherston) — 2024

Principles of Collective Trauma Healing Certification (Thomas Hübl) — 2020-2021

Emotional Balancing Certification (Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, CA) — 2010

Acupressure Certification (Acupressure Institute, Berkeley CA) — 2009-2010

ThetaHealing® & DNA Activation I-II Certification (Judy Dragon)— 2009

ThetaHealing® & DNA Activation I-II Certification (Dr. Sangeeta Sahi) — 2006

Education & Training 

The Evolving Map for Trauma Healing (Thomas Hübl) — 2024

The Crisis of Us & Them: Healing Our Tendency to Divide & Polarize (Thomas Hübl & Sounds True) — 2024

Cultivating Space: How to Turn Crises Into Wisdom in an Increasingly Complex World (Thomas Hübl) — 2024

How to Target the Limbic System to Reverse Trauma's Physiological Imprint (NICABM) — 2023

The Vagal System Holds the Key to the Treatment of Trauma (NICABM) — 2023

Working with Core Beliefs of 'Never Good Enough' (NICABM) — 2023

Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma (NICABM) — 2022

Working with the Pain of Abandonment (NICABM) — 2022

Working with Gen Z Women: Therapeutic Understanding Across the Generational Divide (Martha Straus & Margaret Wehrenberg) — 2022

Healthcare: The Future — Child, Adolescent & Young Adult Mental Health: Help Our Young People Move Forward (Freedom Healthcare) — 2022

Healing the Hidden Roots of Shame (Diane Poole Heller) — 2022

The Relational Brain: The Neurobiology of Relational Life Therapy & How It Works to Rewire Your Brain (Terry Real & Juliane Taylor Shore) — 2022

Becoming Whole Again (Bessel van der Kolk & Ron Siegel) — 2022

The Collective Healing Journey (Thomas Hübl) — 2021-2022

Relational Life Therapy: Level 2 (Terry Real) — 2021

The Masters Series: Trauma Edition (Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Stephen Porges) — 2021

Love, Sex & Power (Terry Real) — 2021

Essential Skills For Relationships (A Terry Real Workshop facilitated by Terri Delaney) — 2021

Relational Life Therapy: Level 1 (Terry Real) — 2021

Love, Trauma & Healing (Thomas Hübl and Terry Real) — 2021

Evolutionary Relationships (Thomas Hübl and Terry Real) — 2021

Love & Relationship Master Coaching— The Leo King (David Lawrence Palmer) — 2020

Experts Academy (Brendon Burchard) — 2017

Sanar La Violación Del Alma (Dr. Iñaki Piñuel) — 2017

Ekman Library Training on Micro Expressions (Dr. Paul Ekman) — 2017

Brendon Burchard's High Performance 12-Week Private Coaching (Charly Caldwell II) — 2016

World's Greatest Speaker Training (Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason & Roger Love) — 2016

Growth Summit (Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi & Ethan Willis) — 2016

Psychology of the Future (Dr. Stanislav Grof) — 2016

The Confidence Course (Brendon Burchard) — 2016

Psychedelic Medicine & Salk'a (Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru) — 2014-2015

Wake Up Productive (Eben Pagan) — 2014

Self-Made Wealth (Eben Pagan) — 2014

High Performance Academy (Brendon Burchard) — 2013

The Influence Course (Brendon Burchard) — 2013

Masters Coaching Course (Brendon Burchard) — 2012

Hypnosis (Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Los Angeles, CA) — 2008

Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church) — 2007

Apprenticeship with mystic, don Américo Yábar (Andes Mountains, Peru) — 2006-2007

Matrix Energetics III (Dr. Richard Bartlett) — 2006

Hypnosis Certification & NLP Licensing (Hypnosis Energy Center, San Diego) — 2006

Shamanism & Divination (Dr. Michael Harner, San Francisco) — 2006

The Way of the Shaman (Dr. Michael Harner, San Francisco) — 2006

Matrix Energetics I-II (Dr. Richard Bartlett) — 2006

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York & San Diego) — 2005-2006

University of Pennsylvania; BA in Spanish, Magna Cum Laude (Philadelphia, PA) — 2000