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Here you'll find Meredith's recent interviews and content about the current global traumas taking place — How abuse dynamics are related to what's happening in the post-2020 world as well as insights and suggestions regarding what we can do about it

An Alternative to the System of Compliance

In this clip from my interview with Health Freedom for Humanity, we talk about the biggest challenge affecting people, whether in an abusive relationship, family or society so they can liberate themselves into a new life of health, sanity and sovereignty.

Restoring Freedom: Integrating the Past to Create a New Future

There is a challenge and an opportunity in trauma. It is both destructive and awakening. The integration process after trauma is the key to stop repeating the past, instead liberating yourself to create a new future for you and the next generations. If we don't allow the trauma to destroy us, we can transmute it into the gift of new consciousness... and that's where growth starts.

What's the First Step When You Awaken In an Abusive System?

Whether it's an abusive family system, workplace or society, there are predictable patterns that take place when a person awakens to the reality of the abuse. The trance of the abuse and the mass formation that takes place in the system is contagious like a virus. When we speak the truth, we find out quickly who our allies are and who are not.

How Do We Get Out of This Global Crisis?

The depravation of human rights is taking place without most people realizing. It's the same thing that keeps abuse victims in the relationship. Perpetrators aim to violate consent and coerce compliance. In order to do that, they flatten the target's self-worth over time, grooming them to believe that they're not worthy of basic human dignity. This is why people don't even realize we're losing our human rights around the world.

Psychological Warfare to Get Your Voluntary Consent

The more sophisticated the abuser, the more they need your voluntary consent so they can maintain their image. Your power is in choosing consciously what you're consenting to.

It's a Stockholm Syndrome State of Mind

The survival mechanism that becomes maladaptive

Abuse Dynamics As An Explanation Of Conformity To Tyranny

What's the way out?

The Violation Of Consent

What's really under attack?

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Trauma Is The Ultimate Red Pill

Trauma is both devastating and awakening. We are at a historical turning point, individually and collectively. Which path will we choose?

Why Is Censorship So Dangerous?

Free speech leads to freedom of thought. If we don't defend this liberty, then our ability to remember and think about reality is lost. 

System Dynamics & Subscribing To The Narrative

Abuse isn't about one person. It's a whole system of abusers and enablers. What happens when you speak up about the truth?

Will People One Day Look Back & Realize They Did Know? 

Abuse Doesn't Start Where It Ends. People don't often see the covert abuse at first. It's sophisticated and very well disguised. 

History Repeats Itself

Individually and collectively we keep unconsciously repeating the past until we resolve the trauma and integrate the lessons. We too will be judged by those who come after us. What will your legacy be? 

Future Implications Of This Trauma

We are all being affected by the layers of trauma, individually and collectively. Those who will bear the greatest burden are the children. We are only starting to see the fallout now.

How Far Will It Go This Time?

Here we are again. It's easy for us to judge those who came before us for the atrocities they normalized and enabled. Hindsight is 2020. 

What Can We Do About It?

We can't change the exterior without first looking inside. This is where we can find our power in order to end the legacy of abuse. 

Self-Responsibility Is Your Empowerment

It's up to each of us. Where we go form here depends on the choices we make at the individual level. The change in the world starts within our minds and hearts.

The Power Of Choice

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5 Tips To Empower Yourself Now

You are the sovereign authority over your life. You can withdraw your consent at any time.


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