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Here you'll find Meredith's top resources for holistic self-healing after narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships.


Here you'll find Meredith's recent interviews and other content about current global events, to help you understand how narcissistic abuse dynamics are related to what's happening in the world.

Social Connection Is The Antidote

Our health and sanity depend on having healthy social connections. We need each other as allies. Yet if we are in a defensive state, we aren't able to form healthy connections and we get locked in lower consciousness.

Information Control Is Reality Control

Censorship and propaganda are forms of information control. The media and governments control the information in order to engineer a new reality that they call the New Normal.


Most of what we were told to believe was a lie. There were 2 key tools used to spin and sell this lie to the public. If we "follow the science" we can see that the science was already there before 2020.

How They Got People To Comply

This presentation dissects the how the violation of consent took place since 2020 and how they got people to go along with it. This is the same behavioral response that will be induced in ongoing psychological warfare.

The #1 Red Flag of Abuse

There is one thing that the abuser ALWAYS has to control in order to isolate the target for the abuse to take place. It's happening at an unprecedented level all around the world since 2020.

The Violation of Consent

It's easy to get overwhelmed by everything that's happening and trying to put out all the fires at once. There is a core human right under attack from a lot of different angles and this is the central theme that unites it all.

It's a Stockholm Syndrome State of Mind

This is the survival mechanism that becomes maladaptive, keeping people trapped. It happens in abusive relationships, families, workplaces, small social groups and society at large.

An Alternative to the System of Compliance

In this interview with Health Freedom for Humanity, we talk about the biggest challenge affecting people, whether in abusive relationships, family or society. We also offer possibilities for liberating ourselves into a new life of health, sanity and sovereignty.

Abuse Dynamics As An Explanation Of Conformity To Tyranny

How did so many people fall for the abusive narrative? This segment explains the similarity of abuse dynamics from relationships to society and the Cognitive Dissonance that keeps people in denial.

Psychological Warfare to Get Your Voluntary Consent

The more sophisticated the abuser, the more they need your voluntary consent so they can maintain their image. Your power is choosing consciously what you're consenting to.

How Do We Get Out of This Global Crisis?

The depravation of human rights is taking place without most people realizing. It's the same thing that keeps abuse victims in the relationship. There is a way out.

Restoring Freedom: Integrating the Past to Create a New Future

There is a challenge and an opportunity in trauma. It is both destructive and awakening. The integration process after trauma is the key to stop repeating the past, instead liberating yourself to create a new future for you and the next generations.

What's the First Step When You Awaken In an Abusive System?

Whether it's an abusive family system, workplace or society, there are predictable dynamics that take place when a person awakens to the reality of the abuse.

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