Legacy Repurposing

Transforming Wounds into a Legacy of Light

Repurposing Your Legacy for Self-Actualization

an immersive 8-week advanced group coaching program
with Meredith Miller

Legacy Repurposing

You are here because you sense a deeper purpose waiting to be discovered from within.

You're in the right place if you inherited a legacy of pain, dysfunction, abuse or other wounding—yet unlike many others in your family and culture, you have already awakened to this brutal truth and you've been working on your self-healing process for years now.

You know deep in your heart that you don't want to follow the footsteps of those who came before you.

You want to blaze a different path.

If you have kids (or want to someday), you also know that you want to change the legacy of your lineage for future generations.

You envision yourself as a generational curse-breaker and legacy transformer.

You feel a strong desire and soul calling to discover and define your purpose with more clarity, creating a clearer vision of your future.

Essentially, you want to transmute your pain into purpose, making a tangible and positive impact on the world around you.


"Your trauma is your immersion training for your purpose."


Repurposing is about renewal

An artist may take unwanted or discarded materials to create something new and meaningful.

In art, repurposing involves infusing new narratives and perspectives into materials that have lost their original purpose or value. It's a way of creating a new dialogue between the past and the present.

This holistic transformation process is similar. In this work, you are the artist of your life.

You have the opportunity to repurpose internal materials (emotions, feelings, ideas, beliefs and memories of past experiences) by giving these new function and meaning—emerging renewed, with a deeper and evolving understanding of who you are and what is your purpose in the world. 

Value and purpose can be found in, and created from, the most unlikely places. This work requires a mindset of creativity, grit, resilience and continuous growth. 

You can restore and regenerate yourself by repurposing your legacy.

Your deepest wounds can reveal your greatest gifts. 

The legacy you inherited and your most challenging life experiences have prepared you for the opportunity to evolve. If you're ready to transmute your history into a powerful asset, and illuminate the world with your unique gifts, join us on this path to purpose. 


Repurposing your legacy can help you derive new meaning from past suffering and limitations, cultivate a deeper sense of intuition, and align your actions with your evolving identity, creativity and purpose in order to create a new future. As you unearth the roots of your personal and ancestral history, these can be planted in new, amended soil where they can be nourished to grow into something beautiful and purposeful. 

This group coaching program is for you if...

✓ you've made big progress in your self-healing journey but feel there's something deeper to uncover in order to get to the next level

✓ you feel a soul calling to discover and live your unique Divine purpose

✓ you want to actualize another level of your potential

✓ you want to transmute the legacy you inherited into a legacy of light

✓ you're seeking not just to heal yourself, but also to transform yourself into a guiding light for others

✓ you know deep down that you were born to contribute something positive to the world around you

✓ you believe in the power of connection and you're ready to connect with others on a path of purpose

✓ you believe in the Creator of All That Is and you know you're a co-creator of your life

This program is NOT for you if...

âś— you spend more time thinking about people who hurt you than working on healing and living your purpose

âś— you think that healing happens on its own as time passes by

âś— you don't want anything to change in your life

âś— you aren't owning 100% responsibility of yourself and your life

✗ you're not willing to let yourself feel the pain without bypassing or avoidance

✗ you don't believe that thriving and living your Divine purpose is possible for you

✗ you're not open to challenging feedback

Are you ready to step into the light of your purpose?

 Join us and embark on a journey of transforming your wounds into a legacy of light.


This advanced group coaching program is designed for those who seek to tap into personal and ancestral gifts and blessings. It's an opportunity to share space with kindred souls, where vulnerability and resilience become the foundation of strength and growth.

For an introduction to these themes, watch the free masterclass on Regenerating Resilience .

Your 3 main challenges right now:

1. Repetition — The repetitive patterns of your life are much better now than a few years ago. You see major improvement, but there’s still a repetition holding you back to some degree and you want to get out of the loop. You notice some lingering self-sabotage and destruction impulses that you want to transform. The old ways just ain't working any more.

You’re ready for Redemption. You want to redeem yourself for past mistakes and deliver yourself from the unconscious repetition cycles so you can be restored from those old struggles renewed, freer and lighter with restored faith in yourself and life.

2. Resistance — You’ve overcome big obstacles and made big shifts in your life. You’re noticing the positive results from your efforts. You can see how far you’ve come, yet when you’re really honest with yourself, you notice that there’s a certain resistance that’s still creating tension or friction in your life. There's something blocking you and now you're trying to figure out how to tap into a greater flow of blessings, strengths and resilience.

You’re ready to allow a new level of Resourcing to emerge from your inner true self. You want to tap into more inner strengths and resilience so you can flow through life feeling more aligned and purposeful.

3. Retreat — You’ve learned boundaries and developed ninja skills to withdraw from and avoid dangerous and unhealthy situations. In your solitude, you’ve been working on self-healing. You’ve created an inner place of safety, which is a necessary part of the healing process. Yet there’s still a deep sense of loneliness and isolation. You’re left wondering... isn’t there more to life than this?

You’re ready for Regeneration. You want to restore your true self, to bring into existence a new and evolving self, and to strengthen your sense of purpose in the world.

Legacy Repurposing

Transform Your Wounds into a Legacy of Light

an 8-week immersive group coaching program

90-minute group sessions
including meditation, presentation, self-discovery and group sharing

Investment of $2000 (or 2 payments of $1100)


SAVE $400 for the first group ONLY in Spring 2024
Investment $1600 (or 2 payments of $900 each)

Limited to 20 participants

Starting Wednesday May 8th, 2024
7pm Eastern / 6pm Central / 4pm Pacific 


BONUS (4) 60-min group Support Sessions

Saturday May 11th
Saturday May 25th
Saturday June 8th
Saturday June 22nd

12pm Eastern / 11am Central / 9am Pacific


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