Regenerating Resilience Masterclass

Integrating the past to create a new future 

If the existential crisis is the cosmic invitation for individuals and society, the choice to emerge and evolve from this story is ours. This opens a path for humanity and future generations. We can repurpose our legacy and pass on the resilience.

Now available as a replay!

This masterclass was originally LIVE on Wednesday, May 1st 2024

7pm Eastern / 6pm Central / 4pm Pacific

90 min masterclass (60 min presentation + 30 min Q&A)

  • Regenerating holistic resilience in the 2020s to keep evolving during challenging times
  • The essential impact of your contribution on future generations
  • The 3 main challenges we face in regenerating holistic resilience
  • Repurposing your past into a legacy of light by integrating the gifts and learning
  • The evolutionary calling to step into your Divine purpose.
  • Connecting with a kindred community of spiritually awakening, truth-seeking, self-healing, purpose-focused humans

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