Existential Crisis & Regeneration

This is the 2024 cosmic invitation. 

Now available as a replay!

This class was LIVE on Wednesday, Jan 31st 2024.

We've been individually and collectively experiencing waves of existential crisis in the post-2020 era. Crisis is both danger and opportunity. The danger is getting lost or giving up—the opportunity is regeneration

Join us for this 90 min class (60 min presentation + 30 min Q&A):

  • Addressing the impact of the existentially shattering experiences in the post-2020 era
  • Self-discovery for existential regeneration
  • Navigating the liminal spaces between the old world and the new
  • Generating resilience for the future
  • Connecting with a kindred community of spiritually awakening, truth-seeking, self-healing, purpose-focused humans

The replay will be available in your Library when you login!

Teaser video music by Jamin Van Dillen.


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