Inner Child Integration

Restoring Wholeness to Your Soul

with Meredith Miller

Restoring Wholeness to Your Soul

a private 1:1 intermediate level holistic healing journey

with Meredith Miller

Inner Child Integration

You are here because you're ready to release the heavy burden of the past.

You hear the call of your soul to heal yourself and you have an inner knowing that it's time. You're willing to do the challenging work to face yourself and your past so you can stop repeating it unconsciously.

You're exhausted from the painful distortions around how you see yourself and life, due to traumatic childhood experiences and the soul fragmentation those caused.

You want a future more aligned with who you really are—not who you were programmed to be—even if you don't really know who you are yet.

You've already worked through the early stages of your recovery and no longer feel like a victim. You're more empowered and you're able to survive without struggling as much. At this point, you're seeking a path of true inner healing and re-integration so you can start to thrive.

You realize that in order to do this, you'll need the inspiration of someone who is walking the path, who has done this inner work and leads by example.

The good news is that healing and wholeness are possible, and I'd love to show you how.

"You are not who you were programmed to be."


Are you ready?

If you're ready to heal the wounds of your past and liberate your soul, you'll know.

If you're ready to dive in and face the things you don't want to see about yourself, the things you're avoiding, the stuff causing you to keep repeating old patterns in your relationships with others and yourself, you'll feel the calling.

To face those parts of yourself requires courage and grit. At this later intermediate stage in your self-healing process, the biggest challenge is finding a safe, supportive, wise, compassionate and deeply attuned guide who can create the right container for this work.

To transmute your past self into your new self requires the strength of commitment and the courage of investment in yourself.

This inner empowerment and next level self-care work will provide you with a new foundation of self-acceptance and self-love. You'll learn to develop the self-compassion and support that your Inner Child most needed but didn't receive. As you rescue and integrate those vulnerable parts of your soul, you're empowering the adult you are today. 

You can begin your journey to inner wholeness today, no matter what age you are! I've done this work with people who are in their 20s-70s.


Our childhood wounds are soul wounds.

We are born into families where we inherit all the unresolved traumas that our lineage is carrying. Our parents often do the best they can, yet miss the mark when they’re unaware of how their own painful past gets handed down to the next generation unconsciously through their own repetitive behaviors and beliefs.

When we are children, we are totally dependent on our caretakers. As humans, we have an innate intelligence that figures out how to survive by sacrificing and exiling parts of the soul. That served a purpose, once upon a time. But now in adulthood, those old dysfunctional patterns become maladaptive. This is the source of the self-destructive and self-sabotaging behavior that all trauma survivors have.

Trauma installs something like a spiritual parasite into our energy field, urging us to compulsively hit the self-destruction button, and often just when we are about to break free from old strongholds.

This work involves facing and releasing the distortions and agreements you made unconsciously in order to survive and fit in with your family. Through this process, you’ll learn to offer yourself the compassion and support that your Inner Child needed but didn’t receive. This is not about blaming your parents or caretakers but rather reclaiming your right to transform your life now and release what was never yours to begin with.

It takes courage to face our childhood traumas. This is why most people never begin. It's much easier (albeit incredibly painful and unproductive) to keep repeating the past while attempting to escape through distractions, avoidance, addictions and numbness.

We become like the people we hang out with. When you want to upgrade your life, you'll need to surround yourself with others who have done it. Your mirror neurons begin to emulate the examples you're seeing. You start to believe it's possible. 

The existential crises that we experience in the awakening process can feel very lonely. You might have people in your life who don't understand what you're doing, what matters to you and who you really are. The less alone you feel, the easier it will be for you to start healing those heavy, painful burdens from the past.

 Who is this private holistic healing program for?

This work is for individuals who are ready to overcome the shadows and pain of childhood trauma in order to restore a new sense of wholeness to the soul.

This Inner Child Integration process will most resonate with people who value embodied spiritual awakening.

If you've been working on liberating and empowering yourself, perhaps you already sense that you're a generational curse-breaker. You might be the first or the only one in your family on a healing path.

Deep down, you know that your liberation will help liberate others and this is motivating you to do the work.

This process is designed for you if...

✓ you no longer feel like a powerless victim.

✓ you're on a spiritually awakening journey.

✓ you realize that you are a co-creator of your life and you believe in the Creator of All That Is.

âś“ you're working on empowerment through the power of choice but the hurt still stings a lot.

✓ you've already crossed the threshold of empowerment by committing to owning 100% self-responsibility.

✓ you might feel that you don't really fit into your family or society.

✓ you might know that you're doing much better now than months or years ago but you also know you've got more work to do in order to feel unburdened by the past.

✓ you feel in your heart that your inner healing is going to impact others in a positive way (ie: your kids and grandkids, community, etc.).

This work is NOT for you if...

✗ you have a rescue fantasy and you're waiting or praying for a person, God or some other being to save you.

âś— you think that healing happens on its own as time passes by.

âś— you're more focused on blaming those who hurt you than recognizing your own participation and agency in your life choices.

âś— you aren't owning 100% responsibility of yourself and your life.

âś— you don't want anything to change in your life.

✗ you're not willing to let yourself feel the pain without bypassing or avoidance.

✗ you don't believe that healing is possible for you.

✗ you're not open to challenging feedback.

Inner Child Integration is about restoring wholeness to your soul.

My unique approach involves presencing, embodiment, guided visualization, quantum healing, trauma-informed ThetaHealing, deep reflective journaling and processing. At the core of our work is the trauma-restorative attunement that I provide in our connection in order to create a sense of safety in your nervous system. This foundation of co-regulation is essential for people who have experienced relational trauma.

During our work together, you'll start rewiring your survival mind and the old nervous system programming, releasing what no longer serves you in order to make space for the new to enter. This will start unleashing your intuition and self-awareness at a whole other level.

You'll reconnect with your Inner Child through an embodiment process that will help you locate, feel and understand the origins of deep-seated emotions, behaviors and beliefs that are driving your life from your subconscious. We will do quantum healing and ThetaHealing processes to identify and clear the core belief programs holding you in the repetition of past patterns. As these programs are cleared, and your Inner Child soul fragments are reintegrated, your frequency will shift and so will your experiences of self and life.

This journey isn’t just about revisiting the past—it’s about changing the impact that the past has on you so you can create a new future.

During this 5-session holistic healing process, I'll take you on a journey to discover new levels of inner peace.

I will guide you through my potent framework for Inner Child Integration. We will have a fluid structure that will be customized for your personal goals and uniqueness. Our work can also include elements of ancestral healing if you would like to clear genetic programs and bring peace to your ancestors in the process.

Together we will work on transforming your inner space into a nurturing, self-compassionate and safe place for quantum leaps in your healing and growth.

Your process will unfold week by week. Some weeks will be more challenging than others. Each step of the way is a movement toward integration.

There will be moments along the way when you'll want to run away from it all. That's when it's most important to remember why you're doing this work.

This deep journey will take you into the parts of yourself that you haven't been able to connect with before, so you can re-integrate them into your soul, cleansed and renewed.

Our time together will help you restore your inner light so you can shine brightly in all areas of your life.

Inner Child Integration

Restoring Wholeness to Your Soul

The Process

(5) 50-min sessions of private 1:1 holistic healing via Zoom

Sessions are scheduled once a week or every other week, to allow time for integration.

Investment of $1400


Application for Inner Child Integration with Meredith Miller

Hi! Thank you for applying for a coaching strategy session. This introductory 50-min private 1:1 session ($250) will help us determine if it's a good fit to work together in the Inner Child Integration process. 


Please answer the questions below (takes about 10 min) to help us customize the session and optimize our time together.

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