Self-Care Mastery Course

Learn how to master the 5 domains of self-care so you can eradicate your people-pleasing and self-sacrificing patterns by addressing the roots of the issues caused by abuse, neglect, addictions and abandonment in childhood.

This is your next-level opportunity to develop a new and healthy relationship with yourself.

As you put into practice these new tools, you will master the art of self-care and create a new way of life, walking away from the past for good.

This advanced level course will help you progress through Stage 2 (Survivor Stage - Empowerment) of the recovery process and prepare yourself to enter Stage 3 (Thriver Stage - Prosperity).

If you found yourself in adult relationships of abuse and manipulation, you might have grown up with a parent or caretaker who was a narcissist, psychopath, sociopath, alcoholic, addict or other manipulative character.

You may have developed patterns such as:  

  • people-pleasing or approval-seeking
  • trying to save somebody with your love
  • over-extending your compassion to people who betray you
  • pretending like everything is okay when it's not
  • stuffing down your own feelings, needs, emotions and perceptions of reality in order to make peace in a relationship

You might also experience the following:

  • suppressed anger
  • depression
  • anxiety or panic
  • dread attacks
  • self-doubt and indecision
  • crushed self-worth
  • low self-esteem
  • loss of individual identity
  • feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness

Self-care is the foundation of the path of healing after abuse. 

Through the practice of radical self-care, you can generate greater self-love which will transform your life and help you grow to new levels. It's never too late to get started on this journey!

Life is about relationships and the most important relationship you have is with yourself. This is the one relationship you might be neglecting in your life.

Your relationship with yourself is your epicenter of power. It's either helping you create the life you want or it's working against you and sabotaging your vision and dreams.

This course will help you develop sustainable self-care practices that serve you long-term, now and in the future, so you can live the life you dream of.

In these 10 video segments, this self-mastery course can help you:

  • eradicate your self-sacrificing patterns by addressing the roots of the issues caused by abuse and neglect
  • identify the ways you're trying to please others and lose yourself in the process
  • take clear, purposeful action
  • take ownership of your most powerful tool to heal yourself after abuse  
  • tap into your intuition as an important guide in your life
  • connect with your body as an essential ally and source of wisdom in your healing journey
  • reconnect with and reparent your wounded Inner Child 
  • regulate and balance the tumultuous emotional aftermath of traumatic experiences
  • tap into a greater sense of authenticity, meaning and purpose
  • develop a new and healthier relationship with yourself and others
  • create a new structure to put into consistent practice the tools that will help you transform your life  

8 BONUSES are included in the Self-Care Mastery Course, each containing a 10-20 min exercise or guided visualization to supplement the course work:

BONUS #1: Cord Cutting & Energetic Protection (guided visualization)
BONUS #2: Reprogramming Flashbacks & Self-Talk (mental ninja exercises)
BONUS #3: Psychosomatic Awareness & Integration (guided visualization)
BONUS #4: Extracting Seeds Of Purpose (guided visualization)
BONUS #5: Anger Processing (releasing exercise)
BONUS #6: Inner Child Integration (guided visualization)
BONUS #7: Forgiveness Release (guided visualization)
BONUS #8: Releasing Toxic Shame (guided visualization)

You deserve to thrive in life no matter what happened to you in the past. This course will help you create the path toward prosperity. 

The only person that can do this work for you is yourself and it will be worth it! 

Are you ready to master your self-care now? As you transform your life, it's like you're giving a template and opportunity to others around you to transform their lives. This is how the world changes. It starts with the individual.

Your self-healing is contributing to a healing world. 

It's highly recommended to do the Self-Care Mastery Course (advanced) after the 12-Week SANA Series (beginner/intermediate).  


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