12-Week SANA (Self-healing After Narcissistic Abuse) Series

Learn the MINDSETS and TOOLS to EMPOWER yourself and TRANSFORM your life after abuse.

This beginner to intermediate level course will help you transition from Stage One (Victim Stage - Powerlessness) to Stage Two (Survivor Stage - Empowerment) in the recovery process after narcissistic abuse. 

When you've been in a relationship with an emotional manipulator, you are likely to suffer effects such as:

  • confusion, brain fog, memory loss, difficulty focusing and learning new things, cognitive dissonance
  • anxiety, anger, rage, depression, dread, despair
  • psycho-somatic issues affecting digestion, muscular tension, inflammation, pain, headaches, auto-immune system and nervous system
  • feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, exhaustion, helplessness, hopelessness
  • lack of self-trust and difficulty knowing who to trust anymore
  • loss of passion, meaning and sense of purpose
  • feeling trapped in an inescapable mental prison of self-doubt and paralysis
  • loss of sense of self (individual identity)

Are you ready to gain the CLARITY and EMPOWERMENT you need in order to take the reins of your life back and start moving forward?

This 3 month self-healing course will help you:

  • learn about the 2 foundational keys to start healing after trauma
  • put into action a guided structure for your inner healing work
  • create a new sense of safety in your body, mind and spirit
  • master your boundaries in order to increase your self-esteem
  • dissolve the Cognitive Dissonance caused by the mixed messages you received from abusers
  • identify and remove the sources of toxicity from your body and mind so you can heal faster
  • protect and cultivate your energy for forward movement
  • redefine your values and vision after abuse to recover your lost self
  • hack your brain and retrain your nervous system for growth and success
  • unsubscribe from old belief systems and reprogram your mind after the brainwashing and psychological abuse
  • override the abuser's distorted reality and own your reality so you can create the life you want 
  • reconnect with your intuition to restore your self-trust and know who you can trust
  • develop the inner practices that build immunity to abuse and manipulation
  • get in touch with your life purpose and learn how to protect it from the killjoys

This audio series is PACKED full of value! 

In this course, you get 12 audio episodes that you can stream online or download to your devices. It's recommended to focus on one episode a week for the next 3 months. 

Each episode unfolds another layer of the self-healing process of body-mind-spirit and contains a lesson, a guided meditation for that topic, and then exercises or suggestions to put the lesson into practice, integrating the transformational work in your daily life so things finally start changing for the better. 

You also get PDF worksheets (like Cliff Notes) for each of the 12 episodes to help you focus on the main topics of each lesson and put the work into action. 

Get started on your self-healing process today so you can get out of that hole and start feeling better! 

If you are starting over from Zero Point after an abuser drained all your finances and you honestly do not have the resources to invest in this training but you know you need this course to heal and move forward AND you are willing to do the work, then ask for the SANA Scholarship offer to get this series for free. 


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