Raising Your Self-Worth

One of the areas of your life that most suffers after abuse is your self-worth. Abusers know how to make you believe that you aren't worthy, that you're not enough, that you're somehow broken, defective and that no one else will ever want you. 

In this course you will learn how you can uplevel your self-worth after the devastating experience of narcissistic abuse. 

First, you'll get a background on what is self-worth and how it gets crushed by abuse. 

Then you'll get to do an assessment to see how you're currently doing with the 20 Pillars of Self-worth. After that, you'll dive into the Values Exploration Exercise when you’re going to have the opportunity to identify what your values are so you can start honoring what most matters to you.

Finally, you'll be able to create new standards to honor your values and new boundaries to protect your standards.

As you enforce those new standards and boundaries when they are challenged, that will massively raise your self-worth!

You also get access to the Q&A segment where the Mental Ninjas asked questions related to this training and also some additional questions about narcissistic abuse recovery. 

This work is life-changing!

This training was originally broadcasted to the Mental Ninja Mastery group coaching program in July 2019. 



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