Restoring Self-Trust

In this course, you'll learn how all trust starts with self-trust. Self-trust is about knowing yourself and believing in yourself. The opposite of self-trust shows up as self-doubt and fear.

Abuse destroys trust in yourself, others and universe/God/life. The collapse of trust is one of the key wounds of PTSD.

First, you'll get a background on the trust wound that you have after abuse and how it shows up in your life. You'll also have the opportunity to create a new relationship with your intuition.

Then you'll learn how to read the radar of your life so you can notice the connection between the internal and external signs confirming your intuition. You'll finally understand the difference between intuition and paranoia so you can discern those more easily. You'll also discover a major key to success and happiness in life.

Finally, you'll get to practice shifting out of a fear state and into a faith state so you can restore your self-trust and achieve your goals and dreams. You'll learn how to become a mental ninja at converting temporary defeat into long-term success. 

You also get access to the Q&A segment where the Mental Ninjas asked questions related to this training and also some additional questions about narcissistic abuse. 

This is the most powerful training I've ever created and it will change your life!

This training was originally broadcasted to the Mental Ninja Mastery group coaching program in August 2019. 


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