Protect Your Heart First

In this course, you'll learn about the importance having a protection system set up around your heart. This is actually Step 0 of thriving in life after abuse (it comes before Step 1). 

First, you'll discover why the heart is so important to protect if you want to thrive in life

We have to protect what’s valuable or it will get corrupted, stolen, violated, hijacked, manipulated, used or abused in some way. You’ve got to protect your healing and dreams from corruption, external attack, parasites, energy vampires, self-sabotage, doubts, fears, and instability. 

When your heart is safe and protected, you'll be able to experience all new levels of joy in your life. The abuser was a killjoy, they hated to see your joy so of course they crushed it any chance they got. You might still notice that you have some fear about unleashing your joy because of the past experiences. 

Then you'll learn about the 5 steps to bridge the gap between suffering and thriving in life after abuse. You'll get to upgrade your protection mechanisms (boundaries) around your heart so you can experience new levels of joy.

Finally, you'll learn how to protect your dreams from external attack, sabotage, parasites and energy vampires.

As you start putting this valuable information into practice and keep checking in on your heart to see if it's protected so you can keep reaching higher levels of self-healing and thriving in life. 

You also get access to the Q&A segment where the Mental Ninjas asked questions related to this training and also some additional questions about narcissistic abuse. 

This training was originally broadcasted to the Mental Ninja Mastery group coaching program in February 2019. 


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