Strategy Sessions with Meredith

Holistic coaching sessions (video call or phone) with Meredith Miller will help you start coming to peace with what happened so you can resolve the past and take steps forward in life. You have the option to purchase one session at a time or a package of 5 with a discount. 

Meredith is a non-denominational holistic coach, working with a body-mind-spirit approach to the inner integration process after narcissistic abuse, toxic relationships and other forms of relational trauma. She will help you identify what is holding you back and keeping you confused, stuck or exhausted after experiences such as abuse, manipulation, abandonment, rejection and betrayal. 

This session will help you deal with your current challenging circumstances and process your painful past experiences so you can liberate yourself and integrate valuable insights in order to create a new future.

You'll be able to see your current struggles and obstacles in a different light of awareness, and then we'll create a plan of action so you can start moving forward in life. 

You may choose to have your session recorded. The mp3 (audio) recording is sent to you after the session so you can go back and listen to it again later. If you prefer not to have the session recorded, that's fine too. 

After completing the checkout process for your session, you'll receive a link to Meredith's digital calendar where you can select an available time and fill out the intake questionnaire. 


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