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Here you'll find Meredith's recent interviews, writing and other content on the existentially shattering experiences of the 2020s, as well as the opportunity for regeneration and evolution for individuals and the collective.

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Coming Back to Center: A conversation with Alec Zeck on The Way Forward Podcast about perspectives and tools for coming back to center in a chaotic world of ongoing crises.

Why are people more defensive, irritable, aggressive and shutdown now? What's happening to our ability to connect with others? We're only starting to see the consequences of this social experiment.

Social Connection Is the Antidote: Our health and sanity depend on having healthy social connections. We need each other as allies. However if we are in a defensive state, we get locked in lower states of consciousness where we aren't able to form healthy connections or we continually choose toxic situations.

The audio version of my signature presentation on the State of Captivity

Immersion Training for a New Purpose: A conversation with Emily Trinkaus on The Embodied Aquarian Podcast, about the collective dynamics, the importance of self-worth, and trauma as an opportunity for awakening.

Never Forget: A conversation with Tammy Cuthbert-Garcia from Naturally Inspired Podcast on the societal gaslighting attempt to re-write the history of 2020-2022.

Information Control Is Reality Control: Gaslighting (and other forms of information control) is used to engineer an alternate reality and a mainstream narrative.

Most of what we were told to believe was a lie. If we "follow the science" we can see that the science was already there before 2020.

The science on fear-based compliance was clearly used to push the narrative and behavioral response of individuals and society

This presentation with JJ Couey dissects how they got people to comply. This phenomenon is what I named the Psychoneurospiritual State of Captivity.

Trust and repair among individuals and in society cannot happen until we acknowledge the truth about what happened

The Violation of Consent: A conversation with Tammy Cuthbert-Garcia on the Naturally Inspired Podcast. There is a core human right under attack in the post-2020 era from a lot of different angles.

The Awakening Potential In Trauma: A conversation with Paul Mills on The Shift Network's 2021 Science of Healing Summit. The wound cuts deep and opens us to what were unable to see before. As we resolve the inner conflict and connect with the wound, we have the opportunity for awakening, growth and a greater sense of connection with self, others and the Divine.

This is the survival mechanism that becomes maladaptive, keeping people trapped. It happens in abusive relationships, families, workplaces, small social groups and society at large.

The Biggest Red Flag: A conversation with Elze van Hamelen at De Andere Krant. There is one thing that the abuser ALWAYS has to control in order to isolate the target for the abuse to take place. It's happening at an unprecedented level all around the world since 2020.

How did so many people fall for the abusive narrative in 2020? There is a similarity of abuse dynamics from relationships to society, from the micro to the macro.

The depravation of human rights is taking place without most people realizing. It's the same thing that keeps abuse victims in the relationship. There is a way out.

Trauma is both destructive and awakening. This is both the challenge and opportunity. The integration process is the key to stop repeating the past, instead liberating yourself to create a new future for you and the next generations.

A conversation with Paul Mills on The Shift Network's 2021 Science of Healing Summit. Whether it's an abusive family system, workplace or society, there are predictable dynamics that take place when a person awakens to the reality of the abuse.

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