Cord Cutting & Energetic Protection

This is a guided visualization to help you clear negative people from your life as well as toxic situations and substances that you feel attached to or struggle to let go. 

Cutting energetic cords with abusers and manipulators is important to disconnect energetically. Otherwise, you'll remain in constant connection with them, receiving and transmitting energy back and forth. If you're still thinking or obsessing about someone or something a lot, it's likely that there are strong energetic cords connecting you. If someone is stalking or trolling you, cutting off the energetic supply via the cords can be really powerful. 

The Cord Cutting practice will help you maintain No Contact (or minimal/Gray Rock contact if you have kids, work together, etc.) with a manipulative person since you won't be constantly connected to their energy. 

It's recommended to cut cords with everyone you have had sex with and anyone you feel is a toxic presence in your life. 

WARNING: As soon as you cut cords from someone, they are likely to try to get in touch with you. Be prepared to follow through with your plan for No Contact (or minimal/Gray Rock contact). 

The Energetic Protection Dome at the end of the guided visualization is a way to protect yourself from psychic attack. This can be when people vengefully wish negative things for you as well as when someone casts negative energy intentionally your way. If the manipulative person you're cutting away from was into spiritual and energetic work, this extra protection is really helpful.  

Solar Plexus Singing Bowls background music by Sonic Yogi 


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