Ending Self-Sabotage

In this course, you'll learn about the defense mechanisms that are sabotaging your life and how to upgrade them to healthy coping strategies that increase your self-esteem and help you thrive. 

First you'll get a background on what defense mechanisms are and why we have them.

Then you'll learn about the 5 primitive defense mechanisms that causing self-sabotage. You'll get to do some exercises to discover how they show up in your life.

Finally you'll learn how to upgrade to 5 mature coping strategies that will set you up for success. You'll get the opportunity to practice applying these so you can avoid self-sabotage and thrive in life! 

You also get access to the Q&A segment where the Mental Ninjas asked questions related to this training and also some additional questions about narcissistic abuse. 

This work is life-changing!

This training was originally broadcasted to the Mental Ninja Mastery group coaching program in March 2019. 



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