The Big Picture of Narcissistic Abuse


This cycle is the hallmark of narcissistic abuse. It's important to understand that the love-bombing and devaluation behaviors are not separate but rather part of a whole picture. 

Keep in mind there are both overt (obvious, in your face) versions of this abuse cycle as well as covert (stealth, sophisticated) versions. The more covert it is, the harder it is to identify because of the plausible deniability. 

When you can see the Big Picture, it helps you to let go of wanting to hold onto the "good" moments because you understand that act was simply the seduction into the cycle of abuse. 

Understanding the narcissistic abuse cycle will help you to stop begging for crumbs of attention and love so you can avoid going through the spin cycle again. 

The cycle can happen during a year, a month, a week, a day or even in one conversation. There is constantly a back and forth between sweet and mean, the intermittent reinforcement characteristic of narcissistic abuse. 

Go ahead and download the FREE PDF so you can refer back to it as often as you need to remind yourself that things will never be any different in an abusive relationship. If you stay with the abuser/manipulator, you will continually repeat this cycle. 

If you're still wanting to hold onto those memories of when it was "good" and you were happy ask yourself: Do you believe you are only worthy of part-time happiness?


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